Yet another new CD! 

Ara Dinkjian proudly introduces his new quartet with a recording of twelve new compositions, titled Finding Songs. As in his previous projects (including his groundbreaking group Night Ark and his live recording An Armenian In America) the music blends his Anatolian and American roots. Not content with the title of composer, Dinkjian prefers to think of himself as a song finder.

New CD Release! 

CONVERSTATIONS WITH MANOL - Ara Dinkjian gets to know his newly acquired oud made in 1907 by the legendary luthier Emmanuel Venios (Manol) in this recording of solo improvisations. Neither compositions nor taksims, these "conversations" find Dinkjian reacting to the depth and complex tone of this beautiful instrument.

The Secret Trio 

New CD just released: The Secret Trio - Soundscapes

Tamer Pinarbasi (kanun), Ismail Lumanovski (clarinet), Ara Dinkjian (oud)

Not bound to a single tradition, the Secret Trio performs a collection of original pieces and traditional melodies that fuses the microtonal modes and improvisation of the Middle East, dance beats of the Balkans, and elements of jazz, Rock, classical and world music. e delicate harmonies and intricate counterpoint developed by a trio of musicians with separate roots in Turkish…

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New CD Release! 

With his third release of annual concerts recorded at the Jerusalem Oud Festival, Ara Dinkjian presents a program of masterpieces by Armenian, Greek, Turkish, Arab, and Jewish composers. The international all-star ensemble, consisting of an Armenian (Ara Dinkjian - oud), Greek (Sokratis Sinopoulos - lyra), Turk (Tamer Pinarbasi - kanun), Arab (Rimon Haddad - bass), and Jew (Zohar Fresco - percussion), represents the music community's longstanding dedication to PEACE ON EARTH.

New CD Release! 

For his 2006 appearance at the Jerusalem Oud Festival, Ara Dinkjian presented his father, world-renowned singer Onnik Dinkjian, in a moving program of Armenian folk music. Joining Ara and Onnik were Sokratis Sinopoulos (lyra), Tamer Pinarbasi (kanun), Adi Rennert (keyboard), and Zohar Fresco (darbuka).

New CD Release! 

Ara Dinkjian has just released his newest CD, "An Armenian In America" which was recorded live at the Jerusalem International Oud Festival. He is accompanied by Zohar Fresco (percussion) and Adi Rennert (keyboards).